Small World

An artist should develop an eye for the small things in life, especially their income. You can find beautiful little details everywhere, take for example the small print under your last employment contract. A cuckoo mystic once even told me, one of her hobbies was searching for dwarves in the forest.

Since I have never seen a dwarf myself, I had the idea of creating my own ones – to play the “god of small things”, so to speak. With the help of a Nikon D3000, Photoshop and the charming Veronika Marie Kralacek this was no problem at all, as you can see here.

For all those of you who want to try this out yourself, there are a few hints:

1. Prepare sketches. That is important, because no Photoshop can do away with a bad composition.

2. Take pictures of the background and the model at the same spot under similar light conditions.

3. Take care how you position the camera when you take a picture of your model. You have to get the perspective right to sell the effect in the end. You mostly have to use high-angle shots.

4. Once in Photoshop, take your time to compose a credible look by placing shadows in the right areas, adding objects in the foreground and paying special attention to where the feet of the model touch the ground. Those areas are usually the ones that – done too superficially – destroy the illusion.

5. If you feel that something is off, you are mostly right. It’s a good idea, to do something completely different for a day or two and then return to the image. Sometimes it’s also helpful to cheat a bit by distracting the viewer with additional elements (like color stains or objects) or by blurring areas of the picutre.

You can see the results of the photoshoot in my gallery.