Coffee Klatch with Orc

The first words that my son uttered spontaneously when I showed him my latest picture were: “Die Ingeborg, Ingeborg, as a pet you have an Orc!”

This proves that his upbringing so far has been quite successful and he could relate to the image immediately.
It is the first piece that I completely drew in Photoshop, from start (sketch) to finish. I’m using a Wacom tablet and since finishing my work on the Mafia characters I hadn’t done any digital painting.

The workflow was similar to a traditional painting. It started with the idea, some sketches and scribbles and then research. I looked for reference images online, coffee katches and orcs – a strange google procedure indeed.

Instead of a preliminary drawing I did a digital collage of reference pics in this case. I rearranged bits and pieces of photos here and there until I felt the composition was right. In classical painting you draw the tonal values first with charcoal, graphite or pencil in order to define light and dark areas before starting with any color. I did the same here. The first collage was in black and white, only then I added color.

The picture

Kaffeeklatsch mit Orc

Coffee Klatch with Orc

Printed on canvas or as a poster it is about 33×22 cm. If you are interested in a print (various sizes available), write an Email and I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Also take a look at my online gallery. Prints of all the works shown there can be purchased.