A Giant Idea

The other day I had this crazy idea. Having finished a highly detailed map of the Iron Islands in March this year, I thought about doing the same for all of the other regions of Westeros, the continent, where George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” novels take place. Sounds cool, right? The thing is: drawing only in my free time, it took me about a year to finish the Iron Islands poster. Being the detail freak that I am, I want to include the history and legends of these regions as well as the one or the other family tree and sigil. Sounds cool, right? Yeah, it does. Gigantic!
Stay tuned for more.

The image shows the approximate size of a project like this. You see the different areas of Westeros. Each of those boxes would be in B1 format (100 x 70 cm). The Iron Islands image has the same size.