An Intro of Ice and Fire

The last days and weeks have been full of developments that sometimes happended faster and in more surprising ways than I could have imagined. The effects on me and my work as an artist aren’t forseeable yet. Life can be crazy and unpredictable sometimes.

As some of you might have noticed, this website got a new design in March 2016. Furthermore, it is bilingual now. One of the reasons for that change is my desire to become more international and not just concentrate on a German audience. Since I drew a map of Westeros last year and put it out on different online forums and as a poster, I have been receiving a lot of emails and requests from all around the world. A bilingual website only seemed like a reasonable next step.

Because of that Westeros map I also became acquainted with Aziz und Ashaya, two wonderful Americans. They are running a video- and audiopodcast called “History of Westeros”, which offers in-depth insights into the world of George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy series “A Song Of Ice And Fire”. In their podcasts Aziz and Ashaya explore the background, history, side-plots, characters and millions of other exciting details, that make the books so fascinating. If you listen to them, you want to re-read the books again immediately, because every single podcast is full of surprises and light bulb moments (torchlight moments?) that make you doubt you ever read the books at all. A must-see for every fan.

Both of them have been using my Westeros map in their show for some time now and voluntarily and assiduously promoted my art. I wanted to do something for them as a thank-you gift as well. This is why I created the following animation for them which they are now using as an intro to their video podcast.

I animated a camera flight across my map (inspired by the opening credits of Game of Thrones of course!). You can also see some playing pieces like horses, dragons etc. In the books, the main characters are sometimes playing a game called “Cyvasse” which seems to be a bit like chess. While animating the intro, I had the idea of spreading some Cyvasse pieces on the map. An online research led me to Arian “Dutchmogul” Croft, boardgame designer at “Ill Gotten Games”, who is offering free downloadable game pieces for 3D-printing (complete with Cyvasse rules). If you own a 3D printer you can now create your own game. I used his beautiful models only virtually in the intro, but I’m keeping in touch with “Ill Gotten Games” and I’m looking forward to possible future developments.

Amerika, here I am.