The Awful Green Things From Outer Space

It is a well-known fact that during your university education you do a lot of useless stuff, e.g. visiting seminars, opening scientific books and closing them again immediately, or learning for exams. And then there are the meaningful things. Things that really drive you forward in life – like for example creating your own boardgames.

Stinginess, lack of social life and a lot of psychological peculiarities were the motivating factors behind my decision to recreate Tom Wham’s boardgame classic “The Awful Green Things From Outer Space” during my time at university. It took half a year to finish (the game, not university of course).

“The Awful Green Things From Outer Space” is a humorous parody of science fiction films and books. The crew of the spaceship “Znutar” is gliding peacefully through space, now and then a can of Gnorz, their favourite drink, is chug-a-lugged. But one day those awful green things sneak on board.

These creatures lay eggs and every turn, their babies hatch, grow and eat crew members. The crew can’t help but fight them with their bare hands and everything else they have on board, be it knives, fire extinguishers, laser guns or cans of Gnorz. In every game the reaction to those weapons is determined accidentally – if the crew members are lucky, the green things die, but they can also get stronger or burst into fragments, which will turn into new green babies during the next round.

If all else fails, the survivors have to try to escape the mother ship Znutar in three little spacecrafts.

Every tiny game figure is about 2.5 cm small and has been hand-drawn and colorized with color pencils. Then I glued them on cardboard and attached a protective foil onto them. The gameboard is about a meter wide. I drew the spaceship with fineliners, water colors and felt tip pens and glued it on black cardboard. The only thing I bought were five small green dice for playing.

“The Awful Green Things From Outer Space” is a single creative analog boardgame madness. I didn’t use any computer during the production process..

This was a geek’s work. But it was sooo much fun!!