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Films, Art and Multimedia


The House of the Dragons.

A new map of Westeros and the Targaryens.


The Reach

Discover the richest region of Westeros.

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The Known World.

A map of the intricate world of George R.R. Martin.

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The hottest region of Westeros.

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Exciting drawings and paintings.

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Short-films, animation, music videos and experimental films.

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A hand-drawn Westeros map.

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The Iron Islands

The harsh world of seafarers, pirates and plunderers.

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Secret Spider

A game of intrigues and secret roles in the world of A GAME OF THRONES.

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About me

I am an artist and live with my family in Dresden, Germany. My main job is working as an English and Art teacher at a private school. I regularly do media and film projects with kids and young people in different educational institutions.
For many years I’ve been producing short-films and music videos. What began as a passionate hobby once has now developed into an independent working area in my life. So in 2014 I founded my own small company “Klaradox – Films, Art and Multimedia” Today I shoot a lot of commercial film assignments, mostly music videos next to making my own videos and animations.
A further aspect of my life is making art, mostly graphic art, digital paintings and Photoshop compositings. Besides photorealistic graphite-drawings I love creating detailed info-graphics, fantasy maps or the development and design of my own board- and card games.
Since I don’t only want to be creative and productive for myself, I’m offering further eductation and training for most of the things I’m doing, e.g. “How to do film projects with kids and youngsters” or art workshops about graphite or digital painting techniques.

Fantasy Worldmaps

High quality fantasy maps with lots of detail are waiting to be explored. Travel to Westeros, Essos or the Iron Islands. Visit my gallery to find out more.
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